BLSC Tuitional

Adult  Section – Tuesdays 20:30-21:30.
This section is designed to teach none swimmers, improve swimming skills and develop stamina  while improving individual fitness level. Individual training plans can be developed for those adults wishing to use is for a work out  session.

Children Tuition – Friday 19:30– 21:10.
These classes run for 30 minutes in small pool  and 45 minutes in large pool. They progress through the ASA stage 1 to 7 where the  children are taught all four strokes and  progress through the levels and their strokes and skills become competent and technically  correct as per the award level criteria laid down by the ASA.  Through the year there are two distance badge nights and on going technical  assessment  takes place on skills .  The child is moved into next level when technical skills are competent. Any child missing five consecutive weeks without notice will automatically be removed from the session register

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