Five Blyth girlshave been selected to represent England in the most gruelling, humanitarian sport at the commonwealth lifesaving championships in South Africa.

Rachel Carroll, beth little and Jessica parker will compete in the national team. Beth chandler is in the development team and cadie chandler reserve.

All 5 girls will also represent blyth /England in the lifesaving championship element which will test there skill, knowledge, communication and speed in first aid, resuscitation, water safety and basic rescue principles.

As a club we are very proud of there achievements following years of training, commitment, dedication and support for helping others in the sport and teaching of the youngsters of the club.

During the 2 days of the main competition it the girls will swim as a team, towing a manikin, swimming with fins and rescue tubes against the clock and the rest of the commonwealth.

If you would like to assist with any sponsorship towards the girls costs please contact blyth lifeguard and swimming club