Rachel Carroll 20, has spent many years swimming and training to be a lifesaver.
This is her 2nd commonwealth championships. This year Carroll was selected for the national team and did not disappoint with 2 championships and 15 individual events and 2 relay races in 2 days.

In the lifeguard championships she made 7 finals and finished top female athlete with the most individual points.
9th 50m manikin carry, 5th in the 100m manikin carry and tow with fins, 200m super lifesaver.
Beth chandler was crowned top female lifesaver following 5 disciplines which involved testing her skills across the lifesaving range of an unknown aquatic incident(silver), life support and first aid incident (gold), line throw (silver), swim and tow (7th), lifesaving medley (8th). With the points added together she was crowned the best in the commonwealth. B chandler also gained a bronze medal with the relay teams and a 4th place for her 50m manikin carry.

Cadie chandler had a brilliant first ever international debut commonwealth championships in the lifesaving challenge competing against her sister and pushing her all the way to take the gold medal in the line throw which was also the fastest female line throw I the competition. Chandler who also swam in the 100m tow and has a history of things not going right in this event and regularly has to swim it twice due to Malfunction of the equipment, false starts or a technical problem all helped to ensure cadie was in a position to swim heats then finals – fortunately on this occasion everything went to plan after a very late call up to swim the event she managed to have the Swim of her life to take the silver medal.

Both chandler twins helped there team to finish second overall just behind the Australian team.

In the national team jess Parker (20) had a great debut commonwealth championship winning 2 silver medals testing her lifesaving skills in the aquatic and life support and first aid incidents. 4th in the lifesaving medley, 16th swim and tow and a disqualification in the line throw cost her an overall place. Parker also finished 8th in the most gruelling pool event at the end of the championships. Parker had a great swim and changeover with Carroll to help pull the medley relay into 4th place.
Beth little (18) the youngest of our team athletes had a good 2 days of competition in the national team against some very good competition fought hard and finished 6th in the final of the 100m manikin carry and 100m manikin tow with fins. Little also finished 15th in the aquatic incident testing her skills to the unknown situation.
Carroll, Parker and little all helped the team to finished 3rd place behind the Australians and South Africans.

The new style format has seen Blyth girls do exceptionally well and prove that with hard work, dedication and determination that we can put our little Northumberland town on the map against the best teams in the commonwealth. We have shown once again our basic lifesaving skills are top.

If you would like to learn these vital skills and also travel the world putting your skills to the test then come along and join us on a Wednesday evening 19.15-2100. To join Blyth Lifeguard and swimming club you must be age 6 or above. The club offers learn to swim, improve your swimming, competitive swimming or come and try lifesaving for children and adults. The club is all voluntary and work hard to ensure we provide a good service and welcome everyone as we are an inclusive club. We are always looking for donations, sponsorship to help our teachers, trainers and coaches to be able to deliver a wide range of aquatic services and maintain the safety of the public on Blyth beach.