Do you have a co-op reward card?
If not you can ask for one at the co-op store in Newsham, Blyth.

Every time you shop at the store for co-op products you receive 1% reward on your card.  You can donate this to our club buy visiting the co-op website. Here you will find a list of charities you can donate to just scroll down till you see ‘Blyth Lifeguard & Swimming Club’ click on it and every time you shop your rewards go to our club.
This reward scheme is running for the full  year. It’s a brilliant idea for the club who’s members donate over 10,000 voluntary hours per year to the local community providing the following:

Learn to swim classes for all those 6 and over

Rookie junior lifeguards classes to teach young people be safe in and around water and be able to provide basic CPR and First Aid skills

Pool and beach lifeguard courses to enable people to qualify to apply for lifeguard employment.

Competitive Swimming to promote and enable Long term athlete development

Sport Lifesaving which the only sport  to save life as you have to obtain skills in aquatic lifesaving skills, first aid and resuscitation before you can take part. This sport also develops good health and wellbeing as it encourages parents and guardians to get involved to train and compete

Lifeguard Patrol of Blyth Beach throughout the summer month weekends to ensure the safety of all public attending the beach for a fun day out.

Promote safety in and around water by running water safety and resuscitation seminars throughout the schools and local youth groups

Please help!  We have already been donated over £340.
If you need any further information about this please get in touch.
This is a great way to fundraiser and all you have to do is shop!